Labomedia ? (eng)

At the crossroads of art and digital practices, Labomedia association is hinged since 1999 around a medialab dedicated to artistic creation, research and developments, a hackerspace oriented towards knowledge sharing and techno political issues, a fablab « l’atelier du c01n » focused on manufacturing objects, an on-line and IRL ressource center.

Located in an old chocolate factory called “Le108” in Orléans / France, Labomedia  coexists with thirty cultural associations and a social centre, mixing music, theatre, visual arts, social approach, and thus many kind of people, identities and perceptions. Its activities are declined both at a very local and international scale :

R & D :

  • Development of audiovisual, interactive, connected tools
  • Development of on-line tools : custom blogs and wikis, mapping tools, audio and videéo streaming, interactive plateforms
  • Development of devices for awareness, exhibitions, everyday life

Training & knowledge sharing :

  • “Open workshops” intended to all kind of public
  • Workshops about multimedia tools, collaborative tools
  • Workshops about privacy, digital security, social and cultural digital issues
  • Production of tutorials and various ressources shared threw a wiki

Events & meetings :

  • Organization of public events by ourself or in cooperation with other associations
  • Organization of thematic meetings (techno & politics & culture)
  • Participation to meeting and events in France and abroad (festivals, hackmeeting, summerlabs, …)

Culture & creation :

  • Residencies and contexts to help people create and develop things
  • Everyday support for cultural and technical projects
  • Editorialisation and dynamisation of 2 on-line ressource centers dedicated to contemporary art








Labomedia’s mission is to help people to determine their place in the world and define their identities, so that they can enhance their self-respect and their respect for others. Coherent and complementary actions are set up in order to achieve these objectives: from ICTs familiarization to cultural projects and technical development, and collaboration with active national and international networks and associations. In the context of a fast-expanding world of digital technology, globalization also represents new “cultures” at the cultural level, singularities are appearing while other vanished. How to preserve and develop our cultural ecosystem without cutting its roots ? How to transform the power of digital communities/tools/networks into fertilizing, collective intelligence, common good ?

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Commission Européenne, Ministère de la Culture, DRAC Centre, DICREAM/CNC, Conseil Régional Centre, Ville d’Orléans, Le108, Radio Campus Orléans, Fracama, L’Astrolabe, ASELQO, Bandits Mages, PiNG, Lieu Multiple, Tetalab, Dardex, Reso-Nance, Porte Logique, Art Kill Art, Circulaires, Laboratoire Ligérien de Linguistique, Culture O Centre, Ciclic, Musiques & Cultures Digitales (MCD).